7 May
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It’s A Giveaway!!!


ramsign collage

So I was approached by a wonderful company called Ramsign. They asked if i would be interested in sponsoring a giveaway of one of their products. I was like, UH YEAH!! Of course your signs are gorgeous! I also had all of my fabulous friends and readers in mind. I know you all would love to spruce up your casa with one of these Fantastic signs! So here’s a few of the deets for these little beauties.

    • Stencil Technique

      All Their signs are manufactured with genuine glass enamel and stencil technique, which is the original manufacturing method. Production takes place exclusively by hand. Thus arises the small inaccuracies which gives the signs their unique craftsman touches.
      The hand made stenciling, and the fat, glossy enamel, are important characteristics.

  • Burning

    Each enamel sign is carefully stenciled and burned at 800 degrees Celsius. This process is repeated for each color. Enameling is a ceramic process in which small changes in humidity, temperature and time is essential for the and appearance of the enamel color.
    Only when the enamel is melted and cooled down the true color of the enamel will appear. Manufacture of enamel signs can be compared with the production of blown glass, where no two copies are alike.

Just to show how confident Ramsign is about their product they offer a 30 YEAR WARRANTY!! I know UH MAZING Right???

And now for some eye candy!ramsign2

So gorgeous! I love the font of the numbers so v