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Wooden Silverware Caddy



I’ve wanted one of these FOREVER, but they’re kind of pricey. So I was living in a wood caddyless world and it wasn’t cool. Then BOOM! I’m in the K-Mart parking Lot and I spot this bad boy just sitting out in the middle of the lot!

crate before

Yeah I know!!! Someone just left this poor guy all alone. He was just waiting for me to come. I’m pretty much a guardian angel at this point. lol. So I brought the crate home and went to town on it!

The how to of it all:

  • I brushed all the dirt and grime off of it then painted it with some white flat trim paint I had. (I purposely painted it roughly to make it look a little more rustic.)
  • I then got a piece of pallet wood I had Left from My DIY Towel Hanger and marked it to make inserts for the caddy. ( I marked them a little longer so they would be snug inside the crate.)

marking inserts

  • I chose to cut three so it would make a sort of H pattern inside the caddy. Also since they’re removable I can make all kinds of different compartments. ( I used a circular saw to cut the three pieces.)


  • After they were cut I painted them and the bottom of the inside of the crate Tropical Oasis, One of my favorite colors.

paint color

  • While everything was drying I went to my computer and made a stencil for the side. I just went through and found a font I liked then printed it off.
  • I used an exacto knife to cut it out. Taped it down with painters tape then painted away.stencil
  • I let everything dry then Hammered the inserts in and we’re done!

You guys it still to this day amazes me what a little bit of paint can do to something. It turned out so perfect! Don’t worry I took plenty of pictures for you :)


I just absolutely love it!!


It turned out so great! So many parties will be made easier by this little fella.


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